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We know that cost plays a big role in your decision-making process. If you’ve been shopping around, you’ve probably learned by now that there are many facets of web design that directly affect these costs…such as use of frames, forms, scripts, java, pictures, streaming audio & video, or even the use of services that securely process credit card payments online. Yes, it seems that in many ways, building a web site can be as detailed as building a home. That’s why we want to do our best in helping you make an informed decision as you set out to compare prices and services.

It is nearly impossible to blindly predict how much your web site will cost to design. Large-sized corporations can spend an average of $1,000 per page, and some medium-sized businesses can spend an average of $200 – $300 per page. In fact, many web design companies have a flat rate per page regardless of its complexity. We do not believe in charging a flat rate per page. Because many of our customers are small to medium-sized businesses, web pages tend to be smaller and less complicated than some of the web sites designed for large corporations. Therefore, they’re typically easier to create! Remember, we specialize in designing professional, yet affordable, web sites for small businesses. That’s our promise!

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